Why other small businesses choose us

“When Kevin approached me with an offer to clean our windows, my main hesitation was the price.”

Sam Kong
The Elevation Cafe
…This changed when Kevin told me about the promotional offer which gave me up to $80.00 off my first clean, so I was happy to sign up for six months. What impressed me the most was the quality of the work, but also the service, the attitude and efficiency with which the work was done. They even did a survey to get my feedback.  If anyone I know needs a window cleaner, I will be recommending SqueegeeMEclean.”

“I thought I would have the time to clean the glass of my physiotherapy practice…”

Doris Qu
Energize Physiotherapy and Allied Health
…but after a month, I realised that the time or the availability to get it done wasn’t going to happen, so I finally decided to use SqueegeeMEclean. I’m glad I did. It was a satisfying feeling to see the finished results of the first clean. I am looking forward to having our glass cleaned on a monthly basis now. What I liked most was how easy it was to deal with the team. They came and did their work with minimal disruption. They were also friendly. I am happy to recommend SqueegeeMEclean to anyone looking for window cleaners who are friendly and deliver good service.

“I was initially skeptical because of past companies I have used who have not provided good service on any level”

Kylie Gabriel
Office Manager
Breakthru People
…Most companies, once they have gained your business, seem to fall off the radar – they do not contact you for feedback on their work and then over time, their standard of work drops. I have had nothing but positive contact with SqueegeeMEclean already and am impressed with their first clean and standard of work. There work ethic has been the opposite of all other companies in the way they contact me, without being overbearing. They also took the time to explain how we might go about installing signage as well as why we cannot get rid of some marks on our glass. What I liked most was their friendly yet highly professional approach, but I was also impressed by the high standard of work, the fact that you provide a rainy day guarantee, your prices are competitive and I can change the cleaning schedule if need be. On these points I would happily recommend SqueegeeMEclean.”

“I don’t have any idea of where I would begin to try and keep the glass clean and more importantly how to reach the high glass in a safe manner.”

Jennifer Lever
…We have a number of large glass panels in our store and the paved surface surrounding the store is uneven. I don’t have any idea of where I would begin to try and keep the glass clean and more importantly how to reach the high glass in a safe manner. The team at SqueegeeMEclean have all the tools, including the large squeegees and the extension poles and they are able to clean all our glass without causing a danger to themselves or anyone else. What I like most is that the staff are always courteous and polite. They also show up regularly and look after both our external and internal glass panels. I’d recommend them to anyone I know looking for a window cleaner and wish they would come and clean the windows in my home the same way they do the store.”

“We had recently signed a service agreement with a cleaning company and were not happy with the quality of the work being done…”

Kuan Yew Lu
Chefs Gallery
……so we were hesitant to sign up with SqueegeeMEclean and have a similar result. They agreed to give us a trial prior to committing to a six or twelve month term so we could see the quality of the work and the service. Management has had no complaints about the quality of the work. Everything that was promised was done and followed up quickly and efficiently. We were impressed with the follow up service after the cleaning. We also liked that they check their work to make sure everything is properly done before leaving. The service is very good and I would be happy to recommend them “

“I had too much glass and it was out of my reach for my staff or I to clean”

Barber Industries
…I just opened up a men’s barber shop in Westfields and Kevin from SqueegeeMEclean approached me. My problem was that I found his price too expensive, but I had too much glass and it was out of my reach for my staff or I to clean, so I decided to give them a go. I was happy with the results. It’s a very good job and it looks so clean. I like it. I am happy with the price now. It’s worth it. The number one thing I liked was that the way you worked was so quick. It’s a good service you provide. You do a very good job. It makes the business look a lot better. I don’t know any of my neighbors yet, but if they asked for a window cleaner I would recommend you guys.”

“we would clean the glass ourselves, but  we cannot maintain the same quality and eventually I was sick of it”

Swapan Banker
Mad Mex
…Having engaged SqueegeeMEclean previously I had no doubts about the quality of the work, but as with any business, my concerns was about the price and my cash flow.
Initially, we would clean the glass ourselves, but we cannot maintain the same quality and eventually I was sick of it. My staff didn’t have the proper tools either. I suddenly decided that now it’s time to get them done professionally because we have such a lot of windows. It makes a big difference when it’s done professionally rather than when it’s done by a staff member. What I like best, aside from the quality of the work, is that you guys are local. I can stop and have a chat to you whenever we meet on the street. You guys are very approachable. I thought the pricing was also reasonable. I would recommend you to anyone I know.”

“We like the fact that they are always around Parramatta…”

Thanh Truong
…My wife and I were happy with SqueegeeMEclean’s prices and the finished  result. Our restaurant looks much better with all the glass clean than it did previously. We like the fact that they are always around Parramatta, so if there is something I need, It’s easy to get in touch with them.”

“My initial concern was that keeping the glass clean was something that was out of our control”

Demi Kotzambasis
Business Services and Facilities Supervisor
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
…We hadn’t heard anything about SqueegeeMEclean when they first approached, so we didn’t know what their service or the quality of their work would be like. My initial concern was that keeping the glass clean was something that was out of our control and with so much glass it was difficult to keep clean. We are happy with the relationship we have with SqueegeeMEclean. They are friendly, very professional and we’ve never had a problem or complaint either.The quality of their work is always as expected. The attention to detail is really important to us. As an applicant firm, we deal with a lot of little guys, so we want them to know they are being taken care off. Based on our experiences with SqueegeeMEclean, we’d be happy to recommend them to others.”

“My initial skepticism was that I thought It would be easier to clean the glass of our kebab shop myself.”

Sergio Mutlu
Western Sydney Kebabs
…I decided to use SqueegeeMEclean because the price for the service you’re getting is great value. Kevin’s very friendly and gives good customer service; he’s a funny guy and great to have a chat with and he is very enthusiastic about his business. The best part is seeing the result; the windows would be so clear that customers would sometimes walk into them. At the end of the service, Kevin would give us a helpful little note, which would have pricing and next service date which is important to us because we have numerous things we must think about in running our business. I definitely recommend the service. Kevin is very enthusiastic and listens to what his customers want, making this his top priority.”

“I have received more positive feedback from customers, they notice that the windows are clean.”

Pathan Supermarket
…Since getting my glass cleaned, I have received more positive feedback from customers, they notice that the windows are clean. My shop looks more attractive. More light comes into the shop and their is a shine in the window. I like that you are on time, you look very clean and you get the job do

“One of my concerns was working with someone who would be consistent.”

Paul Jotsingani
Cincotta Chemist
…We haven’t been opened long in Harris Park. One of my concerns was working with someone who would be consistent. SqueegeeMEclean has delivered consistent service, showing up every week. I am happy with the cost of the service and the professionalism of the staff. I would recommend them to my friends.”

“The concern that I initially had was did I even need my window cleaned on a regular basis.”

Noel Dona
Trinity Realty
…My receptionist was constantly cleaning the door because when most people get there, they put their fingers and finger marks all over it and that was constantly happening. It’s not like fingerprints were only going to happen once a month or once a week. So every second then, the door was being done. The windows didn’t get dirty very much, but I figured that if we’re going to have a window display, washing the glass once a month, would make it a little more shiny and presentable. I am happy with the results and feel that I am getting value for money. What I liked most was that it was looking clean and made a difference. Previously the grease marks and dirt had built up over time and since it was washed, it’s been glimmering and clean….. I saw the difference. I also liked that you’re a window cleaner. You don’t leave broken pipes and timbers like a tradesman lying around and just water. So it was clean, efficient. It wasn’t splashed everywhere. I was happy with it. I would be happy to recommend your service.”

“The price SqueegeeMEclean had quoted me was higher than any other window cleaner I had used in the past.”

Kevin Tran
Ivy’s Hair Dressing
…I decided to give them a go because my last window cleaner stopped turning up. I was happy with the quality of the work they did, that’s the most important factor to me. After being cleaned, our glass stayed cleaner longer than it has with other window cleaners. The finished result looks great and they do the job properly so we only need to get it cleaned once a month. The staff are friendly, professional and they give good service. As long as I remain in business I am happy to keep using your services. I recommend SqueegeeMEclean to any business that wants to look their best.”

“I didn’t know if it would be affordable or not. So it was mainly the cost.”

Belinda Cummerford
Client Services Manager
Axis Financial
…The cost of your service was my main hesitation because it’s not my business, so I didn’t know if it would be affordable or not. So it was mainly the cost. After the job was completed, I feel we definitely got value for money. What I liked most was the speed of it all, so the account was set up and you were very courteous and sent us a contract fast. So from my first phone call to when you actually came and finished the job, I think it was less than two weeks. So that was very prompt service. I also liked that you gave us a sample. I liked that you came in and cleaned a couple of windows for us so we could see what it actually would look like. I thought that was a good demonstration of what you offer. I definitely would recommend you to others. “

“First impressions count, and the entrance to our business is the first thing customers see.”

Murray Gosson
The Mask Academy
…We want customers to know we are proud to be in business. The team at SqueegeeMEclean are always reliable and take the time to communicate any issues that arise
that would impact on our professional image.

“To be honest, I was concerned with how professional you would be and what difference you could make to my windows.”

Paul Azziz
Store Manager
…I wanted a trial period and you were happy to give a demonstration. Once I saw the quality of your work and your professionalism I didn’t have any more concerns. I liked your professionalism most of all. You were persistent and made sure that all the windows looked good. You wanted to put your sticker on the window which I’m a big fan of not doing and you understood that. I liked the fact that we weren’t here for a couple of days and you arranged other times to come and clean the glass for us, which impressed upon me that you are very committed to the job. I would definitely recommend you.”

“When I opened Pizza Design Co, I was skeptical whether I would find a reputable and professional window cleaning company that I could depend on….”

Nick. T. Tsotras
General Manager
Pizza Design Co.
…To keep my glass clean on an ongoing basis. I was impressed with the friendly nature of the staff. They were eager to demonstrate the difference their service could make. After seeing the results, I was confident in their abilities and professionalism. I’ve been using SqueegeeMElcean for over a year now.
Any time I’ve had a problem or needed to get in touch with the team, they’ve always communicated in a professional and prompt manner. I would be happy to recommend their services to any busy business owner in need of a window cleaner.”

“We open early for business, so It was important that the glass cleaning is completed shortly after we open.”

Renato Biondi
Bourke Street Bakery
…We were pleased that SqueegeeMEclean didn’t have a problem accommodating our request. I like that the work they do is thorough and they are happy to go that little bit extra when need be. I’d have no problems to recommend them to other business.”

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