7 steps to a more beautiful looking shopfront (and how your window cleaner can help)

February 20, 2017
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7 steps to a more beautiful looking shopfront (and how your window cleaner can help)

Professional window cleaning is all about enhancing the physical appearance of your shop front so that it looks beautiful and attracts the attention of the people passing by your business.

There are seven often overlooked points that can make the difference between a clean looking shop front and a beautiful and attractive one.

The must haves for a beautiful looking shop-front.

For a beautiful and professional looking shop front, your window cleaner needs to do the following:

Remove all existing cobwebs
Most window cleaners carry long extension poles for reaching high panels of glass, so removing out of reach cobwebs should be easy for them.

Remove all 3rd party stickers from the glass as they appear?
A window cleaner can remove stickers from glass panels with a scraper blade. The removal of these stickers goes a long way to helping keep the focus on your shop window display

Mop up all spilled water
Some window cleaners like to think that the sun will evaporate any water they spill. Until that happens, the spilled water looks messy and could cause an accident.

Use a Non-Soap chemical cleaning formula
Any cleaning agent that contains soap causes resoiling. Resoiling occurs when soap residue left on the glass bonds the dust particles to the glass panels causing your glass to get dirty up to 3 times quicker than it should

A non-soap cleaning agent reduces the buildup of dust on your glass, keeping it cleaner for longer. If your window cleaner is not using one, ask him to switch.

handle posters with care
It’s important that a window cleaner takes the time to carefully remove any posters hanging on the glass and wash the entire glass panel. Trying to clean around a poster often leads to water dripping down on the poster ruining them in the process

Wash the window frames
There is little benefit to a shopfront if the glass is clean, but the frames surrounding the glass are full of dust. Cleaning the frames isn’t something that needs doing every time, but they should occasionally be done to keep up the appearance of the shopfront

Offer a satisfaction guarantee
A good window cleaner is willing to guarantee his work and fix up any problems that he causes or spots that he misses

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Put into action, these seven points will only take your window cleaner a few minutes to do, and it will make a massive difference to the look and feel of your shopfront and help it attract the right type of attention.


If you’re having difficulties keeping your shopfront looking beautiful all year round, we can help you. All our window cleaners incorporate these seven points in every clean they do. What’s more, our clients are protected by our cleaner glass guarantee, which keeps shop fronts cleaner for up to 30% longer than traditional cleaning services

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